The Stylist Lab - Interior Styling 101

Learn the art and science of interior styling, with style expert - Kerrie-Ann Jones.



I’m sharing all the tips, tricks and knowledge that I have gained during my several years as a leading magazine interior stylist. You can learn the art and science of styling, though my online school – The Stylist Lab.

In the Interior Styling 101 course you’ll learn how to create beautiful and engaging visual stories with your home and train your styling eye. Think of your home as a creative laboratory, where you can test and experiment your styling, with the formulas and techniques you’ll learn from the course.

Here’s what you can do after completing this course:

  • Define your personal interior style
  • Develop an interior style concept
  • Create visual stories within your home that are a reflection of you
  • Know how to style any room of your home and specific areas including: vignettes | coffee table | sideboards | shelfies | bed
  • Be able to style various floral arrangements and know how to display art in several ways
  • Understand the foundations of styling any interior
  • Gain insight to styling room by room from a leading style expert
  • Be capable styling areas of your home after completing the stylist challenges in each module
  • Implement the basics of styling for photography so you can take captivating photos of your beautifully styled home
  • Feel confident styling your home with the tips, tricks and knowledge you’ve learnt from the course
  • Be inspired to take your styling to the next level with the skills and knowledge you have gained
  • Continue to refine your style and self teach after the course is over

What’s included in the course:

  • 8 module of styling content plus a BONUS module
  • Demonstration videos styling many areas of your home
  • Step by step guides
  • Audio-visual presentations
  • Downloadable cheat sheets, checklists, hot list of suppliers
  • Inspiration and examples of interiors that demonstrate the course content
  • The styling techniques I use when styling any interiors
  • My hottest tips and tricks that you can easily and instantly implement in your home
  • Stylist challenges that will help develop your ‘styling eye’
  • Private access to The Stylist Lab Facebook group, where you can connect with like mind interior lovers, like you!

I’ve designed the course for you to do at your own pace. Dip in and out whenever you like. You’ll have life-time access to the course, so you can come back and give yourself a refresh in years to come.

I’ll also update the course from time to time with fresh new content too.

I cant wait to help you flex your creative muscle, discover your interior style and guide you on how to style a beautiful, engaging and chic home, that reflects YOU! Come join me at The Stylist Lab.



Hello, Kerrie-Ann here! I'm a style director and interiors editor, working with some of the most esteemed interior magazines across the globe. I actively style campaigns for leading furniture + homewares brands, style award winning projects for interior designers and for lovely home owners too.

I'm also the co host of an interior podcast House of Style, where I interview prominent figures in the interior | creative | arts industries.

I'm in love with (ok, obsessed!) with styling. I've learnt so many tips, tricks and techniques through out my career and I wanted to create a place where I can share them all to help others to style a home they truly love.

As the great Coco Chanel said "an interior is the natural projection of the soul" and ain't this the truth! Your home should reflect YOU! It should live and breath everything you love and how you enjoy living.

I hope to inspire you through this course to feel confident and excited to style your home, using what you have, putting a creative stamp on your home with your unique style.





What people say:

"Kerrie-Ann Jones is a leading voice in Australian interiors and design. The Design Files regularly turns to Kerrie-Ann for trends advice and styling tips for our readers."

Lucy Feagins, Editor, The Design Files

"Kerrie-Ann has been my styling icon for quite a long time. I jumped at the opportunity to enrol in her Interior Styling course to find out all of those little styling secrets and tools she uses. The course was amazing, so many tips and tricks delivered in an easy to implement way. The course has certainly given me extra skills in styling my own home and for clients projects I'm working on. The course is a must do if you're wanting to make your home look amazing right up to if you're a professional designer, such an incredible opportunity to get insights from one of the industry's best!

Hailey McGinty, Student of The Stylist Lab


"Your home should tell the story of

who you are, and be a collection

of what you love" Nate Berkus

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